Schwienhorst-Schönberger, Ludger

The love song -the Song of Songs

The love song -the Song of Songs

For centuries the love song, “Song of Songs” was regarded as the most significant book in the scriptures. It was the key text of Christian love mysticism. At a later point in time the “Song of Songs” was seen simply as a collection of secular love songs. This very readable commentary places the “Song of Songs” firmly in the Holy Scriptures. It deals with not only secular, but also godly love. This book reveals the spiritual potential of this highly poetical work, based on exegetical analysis.

size: 12,5 x 20,5 cm, 176 pages, 
bound, with book jacket

ISBN 978-3-451-31238-0

about the author:

Ludger Schwienhorst-Schönberger. Professor of Old Testament Studies at the University of Passau. Numerous publications


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