Bruners, Wilhelm

How Jesus learned to believe

How Jesus learned to believe

Wilhelm Bruners book on Jesus reveals surprising new aspects on the person Jesus. It shows how Jesus' message is rooted in his Jewish community of faith, in his experiences and in the people he met. The liberating message of this book is that his faith was not simply a gift from heaven, it was something that grew and developed. Jesus the teacher of faith stands invitingly before us as the Jesus who is learning about faith.

size: 12,0 x 19,0 cm, 192 pages, 
paper bound

ISBN 978-3-451-06547-7

about the author:

Dr. Wilhelm Bruners, born 1940. Counsellor. Lecturer in adult education. Lecturer at the Theological Pastoral Institute in Mainz. From 1987 to 2006 he was at the Benedictine convent of the Jerusalem Abbey Hagia Maria Sion (Dormitio Abbey) and Tabgha. Publications on catechesis, spirituality and pastoral theology.


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