Dyckhoff, Peter

Becoming a follower of Christ

Becoming a follower of Christ

“Following Christ” is one of the central spiritual writings of Christianity. Peter Dyckhoff has not simply translated it, but has made it accessible to those seeking God today.
Thomas von Kempen's book comprises 4 parts: (I) Basis of spiritual life; (II) Impulses for intensifying our spiritual lives; (III) Meeting Christ, who appears as a friend talking to the reader; (IV) Christ speaks of God's love, and spiritual unity with God in the Eucharist.

size: 11,9 x 19,8 cm, 352 pages, 
bound, with bookmark

ISBN 978-3-451-28502-8

about the author:

Peter Dyckhoff, born 1937. Psychologist and Theologian. For many years he was director of an educational institution. He has held many courses and has written many publications on the significance of spiritual tradition today.


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